Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 NERFC Fellows Announced

Each Spring the New England regional Fellowship Consortium makes up to a dozen $5,000 grants to scholars to facilitate research at participating institutions. This year’s Fellows, and their research topics, are: Kelly Brennan Arehart, College of William and Mary “Give Up Your Dead: How Business, Technology, and Culture Separated Americans from their Dearly Departed, 1780-1930” Justin Clark, University of Southern California “Training the Eyes: Romantic Vision and Class Formation in Boston, 1830-1870" Michael Cohen, Tulane University “Jews in the Cotton Industry: Ethnic Networks in 19th Century America” John Dixon, Harvard University “Found at Sea: Mapping Ships' Locations on the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic” Moira Gillis, University of Oxford “The Unique Early Modern American Corporation” Jared Hardesty, Boston College “The Origins of Black Boston, 1700-1775” Benjamin Hicklin, University of Michigan Ann Arbor “‘Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be’?: The Experience of Credit and Debt in the English Atlantic World, 1660-1750” Allison Lange, Brandeis University “Pictures of Change: Transformative Images of Woman Suffrage, 1776-1920” Jason Newton, Syracuse University “Forging Titans: Myth and Masculinity in the Working Forests of the American Northeast, 1880-1920” Ana Stevenson, University of Queensland “The Woman-Slave Analogy: Rhetorical Foundations in American Culture, 1830-1900” Gloria Whiting, Harvard University “‘Endearing Ties’: Black Family Life in Early New England”