Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Notarial Papers at the Boston Athenaeum

Emily Clark pursues her Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University and her dissertation title is “Renouncing Motherhood: Women's Sexualities and Labors in Eighteenth-Century New England.” Emily spent a lot of time studying notarial papers in manuscript collections. Insurance records do not at first hearing inspire great interest; however, when you consider the various reasons one makes a claim or needs a notary, you realize that these collections provide windows into many aspects of ordinary life. Again, it is easy to make an appointment, and below is a link to but one of the series.

Monday, December 2, 2019

NERFC Fellow Research at the Boston Athenaeum

The Boston Athenaeum has welcomed two NERFC fellows this month. Amber Hodge travels from the University of Mississippi where she is a Ph.D. candidate. Her dissertation title certainly gets attention: "The Meat of the Gothic: Animality and Social Justice in United States Fiction and Film of the Twenty-First Century." Amber has requested a variety of works, including many pamphlets from the MSPCA and early proponents of animal rights. She's even looked at an artists' book. The deluxe edition of a collaboration between Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston includes an edition of Black Beauty, which attracted Amber, but she couldn't help spending time admiring the accompanying prints. If you want to, follow this link and click on the button "request rare appointment." We'd be happy to share it.

Mary Warnement, MLIS
William D. Hacker Head of Reader Services
Boston Athenæum