Friday, November 11, 2016

A New Baker Library Exhibit Explores the Polaroid Corporation

At the Intersection of Science and Art
Edwin H. Land and the Polaroid Corporation: The Formative Years

Baker Library recently opened a new exhibition, At the Intersection of Science and Art: Edwin H. Land and the Polaroid Corporation: The Formative Years, organized by Baker Library Special Collections. The exhibition is on display until July 28, 2017 in the North Lobby, Baker Library | Bloomberg Center, Harvard Business School.

Polaroid's Land Camera

At the Intersection of Science and Art draws from the wealth of material in the Polaroid corporate archives at Baker Library, bringing into focus the formative years and trajectory of the Polaroid Corporation and the career of Edwin H. Land. A scientist and inventor, entrepreneur and CEO, aesthete and humanist, Land fostered invention and creativity within the culture of a small, science-based research and manufacturing company. He argued that the industrial process should be “dedicated to the discernment of deep human needs.” His philosophical insights into those needs coupled with an eye for beauty and artistic expression guided the groundbreaking research ambitions of Polaroid—an iconic, 20th-century startup company whose pioneering achievements in optics and engineering continue to have profound technological, social, and artistic significance.

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