Monday, August 5, 2019

Boston Athenaeum Fellows Update

2018-2019 New England Regional Fellowship Consortium (NERFC) fellow Gwenn Miller, associate professor of history at the College of the Holy Cross, visited the Boston Athenæum’s Vershbow Special Collections Reading Room in October and December 2018. She returned to speak at the proprietors summer symposium, June 25, 2019, about her work on "John Perkins Cushing and Boston's Early Opium Trade."

Another 2018-2019 NERFC fellow, Charles Ian Stevenson, Ph.D. candidate at Boston University, spent January 2019 studying materials in support of his dissertation “’The Summer-Home of the Survivors’: The Civil War Vacation in Architecture and Landscape, 1878-1918,” and he
delivered his Fellow Field Report to the Athenaeum community in March 2019.

None of 2019-2020 have visited yet, but we expect three of four to come in the autumn and winter.